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IoT Solutions Pune

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The internet of things is a simple mechanism of embedding sensors, chips, and tags in consumer devices, heavy machines, remote assets, and vehicles, that establishes an internet-enabled connection and remotely transmits data to the provider. A true end-to-end IoT solutions Pune platform is a software framework that remotely connects all ‘things’, manages devices, collects data, allows action management, analytics and visualization and integrates with cloud services.

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Join the global leaders with the technology of the future: WebNMS IoT Platform crafted for seamless business operations. Reduce downtime, pump up revenues and improve end-user experience by deploying IoT devices applications that are tailor-made for business operations across verticals. This Internet of Things Platform is the answer to your maintenance and operational woes of heavy industries, manufacturing, enterprise and service industries.


Stay connected to all your mission-critical devices. Connect assets, people, processes and systems to derive value out of operations. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive asset management.


Capture real-time data from assets and mission-critical devices, 24×7. Work with precision by gaining visibility into granular level operations of your business. WebNMS IoT Platform enables seamless data acquisition, processing, and analytics.


Get real-time data, right from asset performance to functioning of the connected enterprise at large. Turn data into actionable insights. Reports and timely insights help to create a deeper understanding of asset utilization and operational costs involved.

CNC Machine Remote Monitoring

Captured Parameters

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Arch Status
  • Power On Status
  • Running Hours
  • Standby Hours
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Features and Benefits

  • Live feed of equipment Status
  • Equipment wise running Hours
  • Equipment wise arch Hours.
  • Optimization of Utilization
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Equipment performance report.
  • Equipment utilization status report.

Needs of Manufacturing industry

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Real Time Monitoring and Proactive Quality Alerts to make shop floor aware of the failures.

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Increase visibility in Supply Chain, real-time information on availability of raw materials and delivery of finished goods.

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Increase Efficiency and Reduce the downtime of Critical Assets and Machines

Industrial Assets and Vehicles Tracking.

The solution is intended to address the challenges of assets management and vehicles tracking within factories.  The solution provides assets movement and tracking using BLE Beacon based technologies. Assets Tracking and Management for a leading Manufacturing Plant

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Business Need

  • Continuous Realtime and harmonised data feeds from the assets inside the factories
  • Visualization of operations and the ability to identify assets movement and inventory mgt.

Solution Details

  • Mulit-Device, Multi Protocol Integration with GPS with BLE, Active RFID or UWB based hardware for location services
  • Support Real time tracking and alerts for centralized control and management
  • Tracking the number and location of alerts generated by the system to create heat maps and assets movement alerts.
  • Augment and Assist movement of assets within/outsides the factories, even under low illumination conditions
  • Prevent damage to vehicles, property. Prevent loss of production.
  • Improve inventory utilization and availability.

Parameters Managed

  • GPS location
  • BLE/UWB for micro-location
  • Proximity Detection
  • Workers movement
  • Geo Fence.

iSense4i Internet of Things Platform for Industrial Assets Management.

Our IoT solution for industrial & automotive manufacturing enables smart factory units with near real-time insights into machine health and utilization.

Key Features

  • On Premises or Cloud Deployment
  • Subscription Based Model/Pay Per Use Model
  • Support for On-Premises, Azure / AWS / GCP Cloud


  • Physical Interface: RS232 / RS485 / USB/ Ethernet/COM
  • Communication Mode: Wifi / BLE / Cellular.
  • Comm Protocol: MQTT / AMQP /TCP-IP/RESTFUL service/ModBus/ProfiBus/Serial Communication.

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Why EgenxSystech is the Best IoT Solution Provider in Pune?

  • Offer services that span the entire lifecycle of IoT engagements.
  • offers the latest tech to earn your business more money!
  • What gets measured gets improved
  • Assets Tracking and Management for a leading Manufacturing Plant
  • GPS Data for real time location
  • Proof of Concept Solution for a leading Automotive Manufacturing Plant in India.
  • Support for On-Premises, Azure / AWS / GCP Cloud.
  •  IoT solutions allow businesses to focus on outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey.

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