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Egenx Systech  is a professional services n technology company specializing in Enterprise application- Oracle E-Busines Suite, Digitizing Solutions, Mobility & Web Technologies, IT/ IIOT Solutions & Analytics.

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Our Product

Automation ERP

Are your departments stuck in silos? Do your workers waste time looking for the information they need to do their job? And does that specific job depend on timely completion of tasks by a multitude of moving parts?.


Document Management System

Document management system is a web based system built for IT and Pharma organization. Main purpose of DMS is to maintain document and document lifecycle.

Visitors Management

  • Add visitor from web using his login.
  • Add visitor from mobile App using his login.
  • Security gate person can take pic of visitor and generate pass for visitor.
  • Fetch auto info of previously visited visitors.
Our Product 1


CRM simply means effectively managing contracts or agreements and relationship between entities by properly planning all the contract management stages resulting in reducing, eliminating or mitigating financial, legal and procurement risks.